Select Cadillac Fairview Malls Now Support WeChat Pay and Alipay – Techvibes

Crazy! China payment gateways making their way to Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver (areas) – makes sense, look at the demographics here. “With many CF shopping centres designated as official tourist destinations, tourism continues to play a big role in our

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The Integral Cross-Discipline Approach to Pushing AI Research – Techvibes

In an era of crazy AI promises, cross-discipline and often time model <–> operator (or system <–> operator) is the real answer. … every time a researcher and practitioner considers their next project, I challenge them to ask themselves a

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University of Waterloo and University of Toronto students’ obsession with the valley

This is part IV of the series where I will examine the problem that #Canada has with its lack of funding for #technology startups. If you happen to have missed part I of Canada, and more specifically Toronto, belongs at the

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Canadian Tech Sector Thrives, but Struggles to Keep Its Talent – WSJ

Yes, it’s true. Funny that #Trudeau mentions the “#brain drain” days after I had published a lengthy article about it here. Mr. Trudeau has lamented a “brain drain” of #Canada’s best tech minds, saying at a recent #Google event in

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China’s Fourth Industrial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence

#China has not only surpassed the US in its economy, it’s also way ahead in the #AI game! Time to learn some Mandarin… In March 2017, China established its National #Engineering Laboratory of #Deep Learning #Technology under the leadership of

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Rubikloud Expands AI Presence in Toronto With 60 New Jobs – Techvibes

Nice to see a peer company in Toronto getting big wins in the market (and hiring a ton). “The state of the enterprise AI market is nascent, with few companies deploying AI solutions to businesses,” said Kerry Liu, CEO of

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Canada, and more specifically Toronto, belongs at the top

Canada does indeed belong at the top. This has been a long time coming and the fact that we are now at a a time in history where Canada’s government, policy and talent all culminate to make it a way better place to live than in the USA (in general); Canada, and specifically Toronto, belongs at the top.

Read more paves new Frontiers with AnyStax Deployment

Overview Frontiers is a software-defined datacenter product designed to work in any datacenter or cloud environment due to its builtin AnyStaxTM deployment technology. Since the Frontiers architecture contains all the network intelligence in the Frontiers control plane, the compute fabric

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Nvidia GPUs, Kubernetes and Tensorflow – the (not so) final AI Frontiers - Breaking new Frontiers in AI

Nvidia GPUs, Kubernetes and Tensorflow – the (not so) final AI Frontiers So you want to intelligently use your infrastructure, don’t you?  And you want to use it cross-platform?  How about cross data-center?  We all do.  I have been around

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