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Open Government, Engagement and Policy-Making in (free admission, refreshments served) Have your say on Canada’s next Open Government Plan! Governments around the world are exploring open government and new modes of engaging citizens in the policy-making process. At the same time, evolving citizens’ expectations, policy problems, and new technologies are reshaping the policy-making landscape. The Government of Canada, Edmonton, and the Edmonton Community Foundation invite you to a consultation to inform Canada’s 4th Open Government Plan. Open Government often means different things to different people, but can include:
· transparency about decisions and spending
· how government listens to and collaborates with citizens and other sectors on policy questions
· tools to hold government accountable for results
· applying an open approach to data, science, culture, and other fields
· and other topics that you think are important to the idea of Open Government Tell us how the Government of Canada can ensure open government and citizen engagements are meaningful, inclusive, and effective contributions to the policy-making process. In addition to the overview, and if there is enough interest, we can have specific discussions on the Open Government Plan related to different sectors, including: • Energy and Environment Sector / Business Innovation
• Nonprofit-Social Sector / Social Innovation
Sector / Civic Innovation
• Any other sector

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D4G/ECF hosting Open Government, Engagement and Policy-Making in Canada

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