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Yes, it’s true. Funny that mentions the “” days after I had published a lengthy article about it here.

Mr. Trudeau has lamented a “brain drain” of ’s best tech minds, saying at a recent event in , “Quite frankly, we’re tired of Google poaching our best graduates from the and sucking them down to California.”

This speaks directly to my entire series on Canada’s tech ecosystem and how we will try to get out from under the thumb of the US megaliths.


What people have yet to realize is that, even if you leave, your family and friends all live here and that as a Canadian (first – hopefully) you are doing a disservice to the entire country – especially our economy.


For over 12 months Canadian entrepreneurs have been holding their breath hoping that smart Canadians would want to come back en mass due to Trump, but that really hasn’t happened. Maybe, as I said here Canadian companies need to start paying our amazing people more.


People go where the money is!
Canadian Tech Sector Thrives, but Struggles to Keep Its Talent – WSJ

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