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Shopping for pot in Ontario will just get easier – look to Shopify (and LCBO) to dominate!

“The government of Ontario has shown a desire to effectively gather feedback from all stakeholders in the industry—licensed producers, patients, consumers, ancillary businesses, and more,” said Gray. “I believe this is a sign that the government is committed to a world-class rollout of cannabis in Ontario and there is no better partner than Shopify. Shopify and the LCBO will be able to provide Ontarians with a safe and reliable shopping experience that new customers will expect.”

Eat it Trump!

That’s right, Canada is extremely liberal, very open to social change and realizes the potential of this untapped (legally) market. So happy that we’re going to monetize it and tax it.

In a $22.6B market (as Deloitte points out), where Ontario is looking at a total sales target of between $2.1B-$2.3B per year, if we even get a 5% tax benefit from those sales (outside of the HST itself), we’re going to be looking at well over $100M in extra tax dollars for social programs in Ontario.

Looking at Kathleen Wynne now to use that money wisely – and all of you should talk to your local MPs ASAP to try to ensure that your community is properly served by this influx. In case you don’t know how to reach them – they’re all listed here:
Ontario Hits a Homerun by Choosing Shopify to Manage Online Cannabis Sales – Techvibes

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