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Crazy! China payment gateways making their way to Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver (areas) – makes sense, look at the demographics here.

“With many CF shopping centres designated as official tourist destinations, tourism continues to play a big role in our retail business,” said Christine Poirier, the director of loyalty for Cadillac Fairview. “At Cadillac Fairview, our focus is on delivering great experiences that give our shoppers inspiration and efficiency, and we’re pleased to partner with OTT Pay to provide our shoppers with the ability to make seamless transactions via these two mobile payments through our CF SHOP! Card.”

The lack of amazing Canadian tech and globalization (thank you Richard Nixon et al) has led to the ability of any company to cross our borders and offer services to our consumers. Services that we could have been world leaders at if we had revolutionary tech leaders, tech investors and the climate for it in Canada.

I am working as hard as possible on all fronts to ensure that we, as Canadians, do push the envelope and become front runners in the technology (especially machine learning and artificial intelligence) games. Keep an eye on what we’re doing at and the investments that you notice pop up on my Angel profile / LinkedIn.
Select Cadillac Fairview Malls Now Support WeChat Pay and Alipay – Techvibes

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