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A slight uptick in tech in 2017. Let’s hope for a surge in

When it comes to Toronto, tech salaries are finally on the rise. Between 2015 and 2016, average salaries dipped $1,000 (all figures USD) from $69,000 to $68,000, but in 2017 they rose to $73,000.

As I’ve mentioned in my posts (part of a long running series about tech in Toronto) – Toronto really is WAY too cheap. Even when adjusted for San Francisco’s (which I would love to see the numbers for this) – Toronto’s salaries are still way below the .


Oh, and we adjust for San Francisco, but not for the other tech giant geographical location, , where cost of living is much lower than Toronto.


I can almost guarantee that these cost of living figures also include medical (which I know most millennials and Gen X / Gen Ys don’t buy into) and likely does not take into account things such as transportation cost (TTC being one of the more expensive public transports in North America), insurance (again, massive gouging in Toronto by our insurance companies) and general availability and cost of goods and services (all much cheaper in the US – usually 30% less).
Toronto Tech Salaries are Trending Upwards But Still Fall Behind U.S. Hubs – Techvibes

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