The Integral Cross-Discipline Approach to Pushing AI Research – Techvibes

In an era of crazy AI promises, cross-discipline and often time model <–> operator (or system <–> operator) is the real answer. … every time a researcher and practitioner considers their next project, I challenge them to ask themselves a

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China’s Fourth Industrial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence

#China has not only surpassed the US in its economy, it’s also way ahead in the #AI game! Time to learn some Mandarin… In March 2017, China established its National #Engineering Laboratory of #Deep Learning #Technology under the leadership of

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Canada, and more specifically Toronto, belongs at the top

Canada does indeed belong at the top. This has been a long time coming and the fact that we are now at a a time in history where Canada’s government, policy and talent all culminate to make it a way better place to live than in the USA (in general); Canada, and specifically Toronto, belongs at the top.

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