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Frontiers is a software-defined datacenter product designed to work in any datacenter or cloud environment due to its builtin AnyStaxTM deployment technology. Since the Frontiers architecture contains all the network intelligence in the Frontiers control plane, the compute fabric will work on any Layer 2 network.

Since Frontiers is pre-optimized for GPU workloads and high-performance storage, you get all the benefits of pre-certified hardware, taking the guess work out of your performance and reliability testing.

No datacenter? No problem. AnyStaxTM provides hybrid-optimized datacenters so you can take advantage of the huge cost savings of Frontiers without your own facilities or operations teams. Coupled with Scout, the Frontiers front end, you can off-load management of your entire stack so you can focus on your artificial intelligence models and needs.

Already have your own datacenter, cloud or hybrid system? Frontiers can consume any datacenter in the world, and combine them to make a Logical datacenter, out of any compute resources. AnyStaxTM ships Frontiers directly to your resources, allowing for our front end interface, Scout, to be used at any networked location, pre-built, pre-certified and ready to run.

Deploy on any cloud

You don’t need your own datacenter to take advantage of Frontiers.  AnyStaxTM builds hybrid-optimized datacenters so you can enjoy all the benefits of Frontiers without the overhead associated with datacenters and operations teams.

The process is simple. AnyStaxTM provides you with the ability to converge your core infrastructure costs to zero and cherry-pick your favorite public cloud services through pre-integrated, low-latency connectivity.

Traditionally, true hybrid clouds were available only to large enterprises who had the facilities and expertise required to build them. With Frontiers and AnyStaxTM, the benefits of hybrid cloud are available to anyone. When you deploy using AnyStaxTM, you pass on all the overhead of maintaining a cloud exchange.

And just because you deploy Frontiers in any specific manner or cloud doesn’t mean you can’t re-purpose the building blocks in another facility. Once you have a Frontiers license, AnyStaxTM will ship your building blocks to other locations if your needs change, automatically.

Deploy in your datacenters

AnyStaxTM provides a turn-key compute fabric that provides you with significant cost and performance advantages over traditional public cloud and on-premises virtualization. Because AnyStaxTM is a hyperconverged stack, you can turn it on and start consuming both compute and storage immediately.

If you have your own datacenters, chances are you are computing and storing at scale. This is particularly where AnyStaxTM shines, since AnyStaxTM lets you manage massive amounts of infrastructure through a single pane of glass, and you don’t even have to be watching.

Unlike other massive compute cluster software packages, AnyStaxTM removes most of the need for FSE Services. Our software and our consultants can help you leverage public clouds into your existing datacenter, giving you the ability to leverage Frontiers as a larger compute environment while tapping into your favorite public cloud services for unique functionality and bursting.

And since Frontiers ships to any datacenter in the world, you can pick and choose your datacenter locations and build your own computing fabric irrespective of your organization’s geographic footprint.


This is a huge opportunity to reduce your costs, accelerate your applications, and increase choices through a powerful artificial intelligence (and artificially intelligent) cloud compute offering. These are just some of the benefits of owning and running your own machine learning compute environment, rather than renting it or deploying it on your own.

Stop downloading free software that you have to pay to properly install, use any public, private or hybrid cloud and allow AnyStaxTM to manage it all. Contact us now for a free analysis of your proposed environment and how it will work with Frontiers in its ecosystem.

We’ve learned that it’ll be worth it. paves new Frontiers with AnyStax Deployment

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