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In an era of crazy AI promises, cross-discipline and often time model <–> operator (or system <–> operator) is the real answer.

… every time a researcher and practitioner considers their next project, I challenge them to ask themselves a simple question: Is this really the most impact you can have? If it’s not, then keep pushing the boundaries.

In pushing the boundaries, you often get trapped into thinking solely of a project or problem from your own perspective or your own field. It’s very necessary that we step back, take a breath, have a drink and then get back to the problem. is the only AI company I am aware of (not just in Canada, but worldwide) that is leading the way in cross-discipline artificial intelligent systems, starting with owner <–> operator builds in FinTech (specifically helping call centres identify better treatments of inbound and outbound calls). We are constantly on the cusp of process improvement resulting in absolutely massive ROI.
The Integral Cross-Discipline Approach to Pushing AI Research – Techvibes

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